What is Haddorff Music?

The soundtrack of dreams...

Music for the weary traveler...

Classical inspired, piano based...

Instrumental soundscapes...

Almost 20 years experience in music, Matthew Burgher reveals some of his most intimate work with Haddorff. With 'classical' and 'early music' roots, Matthew aspires to create a sound that comes for within, inspired from without. A sound that is as ever changing as the winds of a storm. "If the storms of this life don't break you, they will sway you."


Haddorff Music

About Haddorff

Thank you, thank you, for the gift of this music. I can't stop listening to it. I've only found a few pieces of music that support me while writing. But listening to Matthew's music seemed to focus me and energize me.  He truly has a gift. I have rarely been as moved by music as I have been by Matthew's work.  I would love to hear more.

Jude Smith-Executive Director, Center for Authentic Living

I found harmony and peace here. You’re doing rare music.

Patu-Musician, Masovia, Poland

Music is the bridge that brings us together. I love the journey you take the listener on. Like a river to the sea, your music builds and expands, while flowing with powerful undercurrents. Good music here.

James Jarvis, Southern Landscapes

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‘The South Downs’


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